Asia Whiteacre

Vivacious pop songwriter and lyricist Asia Whiteacre creates fresh, clever music overflowing with emotional energy, poetic phrases and imaginative melodies and harmonies. Her playful approach to her craft and effervescent personality sparkle in artful lyrics that tell relatable stories about love, self-discovery and life’s curious twists. Her natural instinct for turning out catchy vocal and instrumental melodies and for illuminating the nuances of words shines in each of her songs. Asia’s flair for the full spectrum of pop and indie folk rock styles, from expressive ballads to powerful anthems and infectious upbeat radio-friendly pop hits makes her a versatile collaborator and has led to partnerships with legendary artists and bands such as Nile Rodgers, Zedd, Gareth Emery, Morgan Page, Augustana and Brandy. Asia is represented by A&R/creative consultant Katie Vinten and signed to Warner/Chappell by its president, Jon Platt. Her 2015 cut, “Boombox” is the first single off the debut album by rising star Laura Marano (Big Machine Records). In 2016, Asia co-wrote Hailee Steinfeld & Grey's hit "STARVING" (feat. Zedd).

The daughter of Canadian singer/songwriter, producer and film and television composer Billy White Acre, Asia grew up spellbound by the magic of music and the industry. An avid singer, she knew early on that she wanted to devote her life to music, and as a young girl, she took voice lessons, recorded commercial demos and wrote originals, producing her first song in her early teens. Once the family’s brand-new piano was put in her room, her passion for songwriting was fully ignited, and she started playing it for hours each day, inventing melodies and harmonies to accompany her poems. A chance meeting with a producer in L.A. led to two releases as a solo artist that showed off the colorful character of her voice as well as her charm and energy as a performer: her EP of original material, Something Silly, produced by Mark Maxwell (SILAS), followed by the single “California.”

Asia honed her songwriting skills further while fronting the Los Angeles-based indie powerpop band Mr. Downstairs with friend and fellow singer/songwriter Dani Artaud, and her inspiration flowed. She released the EP Superhero Heart with the group in 2012. Her creative sensibilities and fresh approach garnered the attention of artists, producers and writers who wanted to work with her.

Now rooted in L.A., Asia is in demand as a pop songwriter and lyricist. Her flair for mixing memorable musical phrases with wordplay and ability to navigate a variety of pop subgenres has led to a number of thrilling partnerships in the past several years. As a vocalist, she was featured on Gareth Emery’s song “Million Years” (2014), which was remixed and re-released the following year. In 2014, she also co-wrote “Number One” off Mystery Skulls’ album Forever, featuring R&B superstar Brandy and legendary songwriter and producer Nile Rodgers. Additionally, she was a co-writer on the two versions of the song “Safe Till Tomorrow” by Morgan Page (2015) and pop-rock band Augustana’s track “Climb” (2015). Her latest song, “Boombox” is the first single off young pop sensation Laura Marano’s debut album and has been climbing the charts since its release in early April 2016. The “Boombox” video garnered over six million views on YouTube in its first week. Asia continues to forge partnerships with artists in L.A. and beyond and is in the studio writing new material.