Frequently Asked Questions

Using this Website

How do I search your catalog?

You may search our catalog online anytime on a basic level via simply typing what you are looking for into the search box (artist name, song title or theme etc.). To see more detailed information about any particular song, you then must register onto the site via creating an account, either a new account using your email, or you may log in via your Facebook account.

I can't find the song I'm looking for

Remember that spelling counts: just because the song you are searching for doesn't turn up on an initial search, doesn't mean we don't have the title. Make sure the song title is spelled correctly. Also, try variations in spacing as sometimes the song may have a space in between words where you think it might not.

Can I listen to music on your website?

Yes you can listen to music on our site in multiple places. You may hear a few songs right in the first section of the site under the 'Artists You Know And Love' field. Just hit the 'play' button or try the drop down menu to the right of it to hear selected recent songs from our songwriters. We also have a few Spotify playlists on the site, just hit the Spotify icon to hear. Additionally, after putting in any keyword into our search box, you can hear songs of whatever turns up as long as the 'Play' icon is next to the song match in the search results.

Contacting Us

How do I get my music heard by your staff?

If you are a hot songwriter/producer making proverbial ‘noise’ on the scene, our team of A&R professionals will already know about you and contact you or your manager directly. We cannot accept unsolicited demos and we do not listen to demos sent unsolicited via email, ‘snail’ mail or any other means.

How do I license a song?

If you are a music supervisor or in charge of a project where you need to clear one of our copyrights, please get in touch with our sync department. You can reach them via the contact info listed at out 'Music Licensing' page.

How can I find a job at Warner/Chappell?

All Warner/Chappell Music job openings are posted at and are updated on a regular basis. Please do not contact Warner/Chappell HR directly, but instead follow the instructions for open positions listed at for more information (scroll to bottom of WMG's page to see).

Does Warner/Chappell allow internships/how can I apply?

Warner/Chappell does take interns in its Los Angeles, New York and Nashville offices. School credit must be earned, and applicants must also go to to see full details on how to intern for Warner/Chappell Music.

Where can I find more song information?

For additional song information or for a complete song list, please contact Gary Calderone (

How do I clear a sample I want to use for a new song?

You may reach out to us to clear a song on the publishing side via contacting with as much information as you can regarding the proposed usage (label, approximate release date etc) and an actual audio file (MP3 is fine) of what the new composition sounds like (whole song preferred, but partial hooks ok as well). Please ask Dave for a 'sample request form' and return it filled out with an MP3 copy of your new recording and please be patient, due to the volume of requests, it can take time to reply.

Where can I get my annual 1099 statement?

If you are a Warner/Chappell songwriter who has earned income in the past year and need tax information, call the WMG 1099 hotline at 818-953-5245 or email for help if needed.

How do I get a mechanical license to use one of Warner/Chappell Music’s compositions?

If you would like a mechanical license to use one of Warner/Chappell Music’s compositions to be released in the U.S., please apply through the The Harry Fox Agency at To apply for a mechanical license to release your audio recording in Canada please contact


Missing royalties

If for some reason you believe a royalty check is late and/or missing, please contact If you are moving and have a new address, make sure that we have the correct new address for you via filling out the downloadable 'Change Of Address' PDF on our website under 'Missing Royalties' (at the very bottom of the site if you scroll all the way to the end).

Can’t Find an Answer?

If you’ve read through our FAQ answers, but still don’t have a solution to your question, please click below to contact us.

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