RIP George Michael

We are all deeply saddened to hear that W/C writer George Michael has passed away. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and his friends.

We join millions of fans in mourning the untimely passing of this towering talent. He was the epitome of the consummate pop star, a singer/songwriter who enthralled the world, always keeping us guessing where his music would take us next.

After the global phenomenon of WHAM!, George transformed himself and his art, emerging as a solo superstar who then tirelessly broke new ground and set higher standards. He was an artist in every sense office porn - a soulful vocalist, an unforgettable performer and, above all, a uniquely gifted songwriter. From pop tunes to dance anthems, from confessional ballads to social commentary, he perfected almost every kind of song, creating too many timeless hits to mention. His music will entertain, move, comfort and inspire people for generations to come.

We will miss you. Rest In Peace, George.